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Custom software development


Every business is unique, in terms of functionality, policies, volume, and complexity. So are the business and IT solutions designed to support your business and increase your turnover. When a company decides to computerise their business, existing software may not support the company's practices, so it makes perfect sense to go for custom made software designed to suit your particular need.

We at PASS, design customized software that will fit your requirements like a glove, and deliver results that will enhance your profit margins. Our custom software will help you remain one step ahead of your competition by continuously updating and maintaining your business with our technology.

Our team consists of top notch professionals who are experts in their respective domains. Our business development professionals and project leaders interact with the clients through email, tele-conferencing and video conferencing to acquire the exact picture of the client's requirements. Besides they ensure that the customer and the software development team share a consistent understanding of the requirements and project status at all times.

Services Offered


  1. Design and development of Customized Software to meet customer needs
  2. Enhancement / Maintenance of existing Software
  3. 24/7 Customer support for the deliverables made

Our technology expertise includes,
but not limited to the following


  1. Microsoft Technologies
  2. J2EE/Middleware         
  3. Databases
  4. Operating Systems / Platforms

The below list of technical consultants will be involved with our development team.




Skill set

Gopinath Sivanesan

4 years

J2EE architecture, Rational Tools, Adobe Live Cycle Products.

Viswanathan Ramamirtham

4 years

Multi-tier Web and Windows applications in Microsoft Dot Net platform, UML modeling with Sparx Enterprise Architect.

Beygan Sundaramurthy

4 years

Expert in ERP, BSCM certified (Basics of Supply Chain Management), CII certification on Warehouse Management.

Anuradha Swaminathan

4 years

SUN Java certified expertise in development, maintenance, sustenance.  Experienced in Mainframe projects. Has been technical lead for a group of 20.

Divya Venkatraman

3 years

MS (Signal processing) Singapore. Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004, MCP (Web Application Development) certified.

Based on the highly technical and competent consultants available to us, PASS can develop software for all your needs.




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