Hacker Detection in Wireless Sensor Network

Intrusion detection in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is of practical interest in many applications such as detecting an intruder in a battlefield. The intrusion detection is defined as a mechanism for a WSN to detect the existence of inappropriate, incorrect, or anomalous moving attackers. In this paper, we consider this issue according to heterogeneous WSN models. Furthermore, we consider two sensing detection models: single-sensing detection and multiple-sensing detection... Our simulation results show the advantage of multiple sensor heterogeneous WSNs.

Existing System:

In single-sensing detection, At a time only one intruder detected by the wsn. Our Previous work was according to homogeneous and heterogeneous single sensor in wireless sensor network. It is because individual sensors can only sense a portion of the intruder.

Proposed System:

In Heterogeneous wireless sensor ,Intruder detected anywhere in the network. We are detecting the intruder in multiple sensor heterogeneous wireless sensor network. Intrusion detection in heterogeneous WSNs by characterizing intrusion detection with respect to the network parameters. Two detection models are:

  • Single-sensing detection
  • Multiple-sensing detection models
We are detecting the intruder both single sensor and multiple sensor heterogeneous wireless sensor network.


  • Constructing Sensor Network:
  • Packet Creation:
  • Find authorized and un authorized port:
  • Constructing Inter-Domain Packet Filters:
  • Receiving the valid packet:

Tools Used:

Front End : JAVA