School Management System

“School Management System” is the software that automates the processes taking place for the maintenance of the fees details, student’s personal details and school details. The software has the interface for adding, editing and deleting the student details such as their names, roll numbers, class and sections, etc.

The software automates the process of maintaining fees of the students in each term. The software produces improvement-graphs for the individual performance of each student, and the overall performance of the class. The software would also have the facility to compare the results of the examinations of same section and different sections.

The software would have excellent user interface for the data-entry and the outputs are generated attractively. The software would effectively replace the manual processes involved in maintaining the school information.

It removes the overhead of calculating fees and performance of each student in the results. Thus, the software automates the entire processing control taking place in the school.


  • Personal Details of the student
  • Fees Details
  • Library information

Tools Used:

Front End Back End
ASP .Net SQL Server 2005
VB.Net SQL Server 2005