Restaurant Management System

This project entitled as “Restaurant Management” in order to help the management to keep their overall records such as, staff details, room details, food item, customer detail, etc., are clearly. Administrator has a separate login form to enter the variety of Rooms such as A/c Non A/c, Single Bed Room, Double Bed Room, Deluxe, Family, Meeting Hall, etc.,

In the Administrator part, the new room’s details, newly appointed Staffs Details, Fixing Rent for Rooms, New items such as Tiffin, Lunch, Dinner, or Cool Drinks and the Administrator can also fix the meeting hall rent.

In the Reception Module, the Receptionist will maintain the customer details such as Customer No, Name, and Address, contract No, Occupation, Date of Booking Vacating Date, Room, Type, Receptionist can book the rooms in Room Booking form and the entry for vacating room will be in the room vacating form. The meeting hall availability can be checked and booked in the meeting hall booking form.

Income & expenses Modules consists of Bill for the customer while vacating room or for meeting hall. The service charge bill can be entered while the customer needs any food item to deliver in the Room other expenses can also be used.

Reports like, Room Availability, Food item list, stock details, total collection, for a day, week or month can be taken easily. Thus the project helps the restaurant management to maintain their records.


  • Administrator
    • Room details
    • Staff details
    • Food details
  • Reception
    • Customer details
    • Check in
    • Check out
  • Billing
  • Reports

Tools Used:

Front End Back End
ASP .Net SQL Server 2005
VB.Net SQL Server 2005