Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

The customers need to register themselves by submitting their profile online in order to use the services offered by EFT. The registered customers are then authenticated against the claimed credentials. Only the authenticated customer can view their personalized home page.

It offers an account summary of account balances either in their current account. They can also review a account (Mini) statement which displays a detailed transaction history on the selected customer account and selected period. EFT facilitates transfer of funds within customer account and also to add a beneficiary for Third Party Transfer.

The list of beneficiaries is added to the customers’ account. The customers can delete or add beneficiaries or edit current profiles. A maximum of 20 beneficiaries can be added for a Third Party Transfer.


  • Registration
  • Login
  • Account
  • Third Party Funds Transfer
  • Secured Logout

Tools Used:

Front End Back End
ASP .Net SQL Server 2005
VB.Net SQL Server 2005