SMTP/POP3 Client

SMTP Client is used to send the mail through SMTP Server. When an SMTP client has a message to transmit, it establishes a two-way transmission channel to an SMTP server. The responsibility of an SMTP client is to transfer mail messages to one or more SMTP servers, or report its failure to do so. SMTP is working on TCP Port 25. POP3Client is used to receive a mail from the Mail Server. The server host starts the POP3 service by listening on TCP port 110. When a client host wishes to make use of the service, it establishes a TCP connection with the server host.


  • Web application
  • Easy to use, Fast and Secure
  • Supports SSL/TLS authentication
  • Asynchronous mail sending/receiving messages
  • All the sending and receiving message history are stored
  • Send mail through LAN
  • SMTP is defined in RFC 821
  • POP3 is defined in RFC 1939

Tools Used:

Package used : .Net
Front End : ASP .Net
Back End : MSSQL Server or MySQL