Dynamic Control for Cache Updating Network System

In this project, we propose proactively disseminating the broken link information to the nodes that have that link in their caches. Proactive cache updating is key to making route caches adapt quickly to topology changes. It is also important to inform only the nodes that have cached a broken link to avoid unnecessary overhead. Thus, when a link failure is detected, our goal is to notify all reachable nodes that have cached the link about the link failure.

We define a new cache structure called a cache table to maintain the information necessary for cache updates. A cache table has no capacity limit; its size increases as new routes are discovered and decreases as stale routes are removed. Each node maintains in its cache table two types of information for each route. The first type of information is how well routing information is synchronized among nodes on a route: whether a link has been cached in only upstream nodes, or in both upstream and downstream nodes, or neither.