Retrieving Files Using Content Based Search

The current project is divided into four inter-dependent phases.

Phase 1:

Deals with designing algorithms for summarizing and indexing text files. In case of multimedia files the meta data files are created manually by the programmers. This phase also involves algorithms for converting .doc and .pdf files to .txt format. In this system the searching is not done at the run time as indexing is done before hand.

Phase 2:

In folders would be replaced by a new construct called a library. A library is a virtual folder that intelligently gathers information about files on the system and presents them to the users. The concept of folders ceases to exist. Instead, the users are privileged enough to view similar files together irrespective of their location in the physical memory. This enables retrieval of files based on various parameters. This concept is named as CAROUSEL VIEW after the proposed system with the same name to be launched by the Microsoft’s Windows Longhorn which is a complete revolution in itself.

Phase 3:

Establishes a common peer to peer (P2P) protocol that enables remote querying over other terminals in the network. This module allows this software to be used across the internet and also over various LANs.

Phase 4:

In a nutshell, this project aims at creating a system which is highly enhanced over the existing traditional ones and providing a user friendly environment.