ATM Networks for Online Monitoring System

The TCP/IP protocol suite is the standard requirement for all applications that need to communicate over the Internet. As TCP/IP applications are unable to specify the QoS parameters needed for most Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) services, we tend to use the GCRA Algorithm. The purpose of Cell-Rate Guarantees for Traffic across ATM Network is to provide QoS. ATM is a connection-oriented switching technology, utilizing statistical multiplexing of fixed-length packets, known as cells.

The purpose of traffic control is to minimize congestion. In an ATM network when the Source Machine continuously sends cells to the Destination Machine through the Router Machine, there will be a possibility of occurring congestion. When congestion occurs the Routing Machine cannot accept more cells and hence these cells will be discarded. This causes regeneration and retransmission of the discarded ATM cells. The objective of this project is to simulate an overflowing ATM network and establish a router with congestion control based on the GCRA algorithm.