Ontology Based Business Process Customization for Composite Web Services

A key goal of the Semantic Web is to shift social interaction patterns from a producer-centric paradigm to a consumer-centric one. Treating customers as the most valuable assets and making the business models work better for them are at the core of building successful consumer-centric business models. It follows that customizing business processes constitutes a major concern in the realm of a knowledge-pull-based human semantic Web. This paper conceptualizes the customization of service-based business processes leveraging the existing knowledge of Web services and business processes.

We represent this conceptualization as a new Extensible Markup Language (XML) markup language Web Ontology Language-Business Process Customization (OWL-BPC), based on the de facto semantic markup language for Web-based information [Web Ontology Language (OWL)]. Furthermore, we report a framework, built on OWL-BPC, for customizing service-based business processes, which supports customization detection and enactment. Customization detection is enabled by a business-goal analysis, and customization enactment is enabled via event–condition–action rule inference.

Our solution and framework have the following capabilities in dealing with inconsistencies and misalignments in business process interactions: 1) resolve semantic mismatch of process parameters; 2) handle behavioral mismatches which may or may not be compatible; and 3) process misaligned rendezvous requirements. Such capabilities are applicable to business processes with heterogeneous domain ontology. We present an architectural description of the implementation and a walk-through of an example of solving a customization problem as a validation of the proposed approach.

Existing System:

Existing system has no development in the customization of a specific system from the application programming interface and component level. No efforts have focused on the study of customizing a business process in general and from a knowledge presentation and process level.

Proposed System:

We conceptualize the problem of business process customization, present an ontology (OWL-BPC) for it, and report a framework. The semantic approach that we have taken relies on a knowledge framework that is supported by a rule-based inference. It has the advantage of a comprehensive representation as well as a rigorous and automatic processing mechanism.

Web Service Composition involves the development of customized services often by discovering, integrating, and executing existing services. It's not only about consuming services, however, but also about providing services. This can be done in such a way that already existing services are orchestrated into one or more new services that fit better to your composite application.

Additionally this can be done with the help of creating new services based on business logic programmed in any language. Here we develop the application named Online Book-shop. The application is developed using JAVA as front-end tool. Our proposed system model suits making the business models work better for them are at the core of building successful consumer-centric business models.


  • Automatic Customization Detection
  • Automatic Customization Enactment

Tools Used:

Front End : JAVA