Network Coding Based Privacy Preservation against Traffic Analysis in Multi-hop Wireless Networks

Privacy threat is one of the critical issues in multihop wireless networks, where attacks such as traffic analysis and flow tracing can be easily launched by a malicious adversary due to the open wireless medium. Network coding has the potential to thwart these attacks since the coding/mixing operation is encouraged at intermediate nodes. However, the simple deployment of network coding cannot achieve the goal once enough packets are collected by the adversaries. On the other hand, the coding/mixing nature precludes the feasibility of employing the existing privacy-preserving techniques, such as Onion Routing.

In this paper, we propose a novel network coding based privacy-preserving scheme against traffic analysis in multihop wireless networks. With homomorphic encryption, the proposed scheme offers two significant privacy-preserving features, packet flow untraceability and message content confidentiality, for efficiently thwarting the traffic analysis attacks. Moreover, the proposed scheme keeps the random coding feature. Theoretical analysis and simulative evaluation demonstrate the validity and efficiency of the proposed scheme.

Existing System:

Due to the open wireless medium, MWNs are susceptible to various attacks, such as eavesdropping, data modification/injection, and node compromising. These attacks may breach the security of MWNs, including confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity.

Proposed System:

In this paper, we focus on the privacy issue, i.e., how to prevent traffic analysis/flow tracing and achieve source anonymity in MWNs. Another example is the event reporting in wireless sensor networks, where flow tracing can help attackers to identify the location of concerned events, e.g., the appearance of an endangered animal in a monitored area, and then take subsequent actions to capture or kill the animals. Among all privacy properties, source anonymity is of special interest in MWNs. Source anonymity refers to communicating through a network without revealing the identity or location of source nodes.


  • Attackers Modules
  • Homomorphic Encryption Functions
  • Threat models
  • Enhanced Privacy against traffic analysis and flow tracing
  • Security Analysis

Tools Used:

Front End : C# .Net
Back End : SQL Server 2005