Embedded Extended Visual Cryptography Schemes

A visual cryptography scheme (VCS) is a kind of secret sharing scheme which allows the encoding of a secret image into shares distributed to participants. The beauty of such a scheme is that a set of qualified participants is able to recover the secret image without any cryptographic knowledge and computation devices. An extended visual cryptography scheme (EVCS) is a kind of VCS which consists of meaningful shares (compared to the random shares of traditional VCS).

In this paper, we propose a construction of EVCS which is realized by embedding random shares into meaningful covering shares, and we call it the embedded EVCS. Experimental results compare some of the well-known EVCSs proposed in recent years systematically, and show that the proposed embedded EVCS has competitive visual quality compared with many of well-known EVCSs in the literature. In addition, it has many specific advantages against these well-known EVCSs, respectively.

Existing System:

Visual cryptography is the art and science of encrypting the image in such a away that no-one apart from the sender and intended recipient even realizes the original image, a form of security through obscurity. By contrast, cryptography obscures the original image, but it does not conceal the fact that it is not the actual image.

Proposed System:

Proposed system Visual cryptography provides a friendly environment to deal with images. Generally cryptography tools supports only one kind of image formats. Our application supports .gif and .png (portable network graphics) formatted images and our application has been developed using swing and applet technologies, hence provides a friendly environment to users.


  • Interface design using Applet frame work
  • Visual cryptography implementation
  • Testing and integration

Tools Used:

Front End : JAVA 6.0, Swing