Secure Distance-Based Localization in the Presence of Cheating Beacon Nodes

Secure distance-based localization in the presence of cheating beacon (or anchor) nodes is an important problem in mobile wireless ad hoc and sensor networks. Despite significant research efforts in this direction, some fundamental questions still remain unaddressed: In the presence of cheating beacon nodes, what are the necessary and sufficient conditions to guarantee a bounded error during two-dimensional distance-based location estimation? Under these necessary and sufficient conditions, what class of localization algorithms can provide this error bound?

Existing System:

Location information is of paramount importance for wireless sensor networks (WSN). The accuracy of the collected data can significantly be affected by an imprecise positioning of the event of interest. Despite the importance of location information, real system implementations that do not use specialized hardware for localization purposes have not been successful.

In this paper, we propose a location estimation scheme that uses a probabilistic approach for estimating the location of a node in a sensor network. Our localization scheme makes use of additional knowledge of topology deployment. We assume a sensor network is deployed in a controlled manner, where the goal of the deployment is to form a grid topology.

Proposed System:

In this paper, we attempt to answer these and other related questions by following a careful analytical approach. Specifically, we first show that when the number of cheating beacon nodes is greater than or equal to a given threshold, there do not exist any two-dimensional distance-based localization algorithms that can guarantee a bounded error.

Furthermore, when the number of cheating beacons is below this threshold, we identify a class of distance-based localization algorithms that can always guarantee a bounded localization error. Finally, we outline three novel distance-based localization algorithms that belong to this class of bounded error localization algorithms.


  • Network module

  • Location-based Service module

  • Positioning module

  • Beacon Movement Detection module